These silver geometric necklaces are handmade from cast components that I first fabricated with bent silver wire soldered together. 

Sometimes, when making art, not knowing how to do something is an asset.  I fabricated one original square and circle and thought, “Great.  I’ll just have them cast and make loads of these.”  I didn’t realize how complicated they’d be to cast or how much attention the cleanup and final assembly would be.  The time and attention they require forced me to slow down and consider each placement, every break in the metal, the second soldering, final cleaning, and the weight and heft of the final piece. 

I love these.  My mother does, too.  She wore one through an entire weekend craft show where she was helping me and, at the show’s end, I had to give it to her.  She clearly owned it; and had earned it.

These are made to order.  Price upon request.